September 22, 2018

Round, round we go...

Adjust Windows DNS settings from command line

If you ever wanted to change the DNS settings on Windows 7/8 here's how you...+More
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Secure Erase SSD in Linux

Original Article: Step 1 - Make sure the drive security is not frozen Issue the...+More
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How to Setup Webmin 1.620 using YUM repository on CentOS 6.4   This post will brief you on how to setup Webmin 1.620 using yum...+More
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Preferred USR Modem v.92 Init String

This is a string I like to use. AT&F1&N6M1L3S0=1
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Mitsubishi 3000GT Images

Link to my old gallery of my old 3000GT

My New site

Here's a new site I'm setting up that contains all the neat stuff I know...+More

Easy way to create an virtual ip address

Easy way to create an virtual ip address:  ifconfig eth0:1  inet  netmask
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Backup MySQL DB Tip

 mysqldump -u root -pPASSWORD -h --all-databases | gzip > database_`date '+%m-%d-%Y'`.sql.gz
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BTRFS Fun – Funtoo Linux

BTRFS Fun - Funtoo Linux. BTRFS! Trying something new in prep for creating a custom...+More

U.S. Robotics v.92 external init string

U.S. Robotics For instructions on how to physically connect it and for general configuration instructions,...+More
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